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Sample sale / lead tracking

this page simulates your order confirmation or "thank you for order" page. It contains hidden sale tracking code that notifies the affiliate system about the sale.

Sales / leads tracking explained

To track leads and sales, you have to use sale tracking code. The exact integration depends on your shopping cart or payment gateway, so refer to our documentation for this.

General tracking method

General tracking method uses javascript that you should put to your order confirmation page. The general tracking code is:

Hidden image exmaple

If you don't want to use JavaScript tracking code, you can use also hidden image (hidden pixel tracking) version.
Note that by using hidden the system cannot use functionality of Flash cookies, it will depend only on standard cookies and IP address.

The hidden image variant of the tracking code above is:

Variables you can use in hidden image are:
TotalCost, OrderID, ProductID, data1, data2, data3, data4, data5, AffiliateID, CampaignID, ChannelID, Commission, PStatus and Currency

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